Your home is a space that not only provides you with privacy and security, it is also a place where you can be healthy and hygienic. Cleaning can be a hassle. A busy work schedule can see some parts of your house that need cleaning go unnoticed. Such parts include:

The carpet

Carpets are very easy to ignore when cleaning your house as they often look relatively clean at surface level. However, a closer look will confirm otherwise. Carpets with long fluffy fibers can especially shelter germs and irritants that cause allergic reactions and respiratory difficulties. Having the carpet cleaned regularly by qualified professionals will get rid of trapped pollutants and dust particles, ultimately improving the quality of air in your home. Our bonnet method of carpet cleaning eliminates the possibility of dampness and prevents mold growth while also ensuring that you do not have to endure the “musty” smell that results after washing . By using a soap-free solution, the Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Method does not result in scum that can form on the surface of the carpet once you are done with the cleaning.


One is also likely to forget to clean the soft padding around furniture, such as sofas and armchairs. After all, they look spotless, right? Wrong. If not regularly scoured, these surfaces can harbor germs and bacteria, passing them along to members of the household with every use. By hiring professionals with the relevant tools and expertise, all your upholstery will be left sparkling, the fabric type notwithstanding. We also apply upholstery protectors while our products work as pet deodorizers, eliminating odor that may result from your pet. The products are also people and pet-friendly.


If there is a surface that needs to be cleaned, then it is the mattress.Our experienced staff can deep-clean your mattress, erasing any evidence of stains, thus leaving your mattress almost as, good as new. The headaches, sneezing and eczema that constantly disrupt your dreams will also be a thing of the past, once we are done cleaning your mattress. A clean mattress will improve the quality of your sleep by improving the quality of air and ensuring that you do not sleep on mites, dust, and bacteria.

In need of a clean home? My Pro Dry offers multiple, eco-friendly cleaning services helping you maintain a clean, allergen and contaminant-free home. Contact us for Mattress cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Dryer & Vent Cleaning as well as Air Duct Cleaning.