Matress Cleaning & Sanitation In Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Pacific Grove & Salinas, CA

Let Us Make Your Sleep Peaceful

A clean mattress is paramount to peaceful sleeping and has great health benefits. When you get your mattress cleaned by us you’re getting rid of bacteria, fungi, and even dust mites – all things that can negatively affect your health.

Make Sleep Healthy Again With Our Help

If you’ve been experiencing issues such as eczema, headaches, or sneezing, it may be caused by a dirty mattress. When you get our services we’ll clean any stains and get rid of the microscopic dust mites that could be causing problems.

mattress cleaning

Erase Disgusting Stains

If you’ve been using your mattress for a long period of time, chances are there are visible stains present. Covering them with a sheet just won’t do. Call us in for a deep clean to your mattress.

Sleep without worry or anxiety about your dirty mattress when you let us come in for a cleaning. A clean mattress means better health for you. Call 831-641-0432 to speak with a professional here at My Pro Dry in Monterey & Salinas, CA