Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner which means many will participate in the ritual of spring cleaning. While taking down the window treatments for a good washing and scrubbing winter-long neglected nooks and crannies may be an integral part of getting your home ready for the new season, there are other things that you may not realize are in need of annual cleaning as well.


During the winter season, dirty, dingy water is dragged into our homes via pets and foot traffic. This season in Monterey County was particularly wet which means many local residents likely experienced damp or wet carpets.

When carpets get wet – despite your best efforts – they can actually hold absorbed moisture beneath the surface and cause damage via mold or create an offensive odor that is impossible to treat.

Spring cleaning may include shampooing carpets but in particularly wet environments, having a professional treatment may be a better choice to eliminate the risk of these problems.


Many people prefer tile because it is relatively easy to clean. But no matter how often you sweep and mop, your home’s tile and grout will likely be dingy after a wintertime of traffic and use. 

Tile and grout cleaning are a labor-intensive task that will certainly liven up your flooring, but it’s an important part of ensuring your home is clean, beautiful and safe from mold. 


You may think that vacuuming your mattress is a sufficient way to keep it clean – and a regular, general vacuuming can certainly help keep your mattress clean – but how do you know if it’s really clean?

Experts suggest your mattress be cleaned twice per year but many of today’s mattresses are pillow top or otherwise specialty mattresses making it difficult to deep clean them. Additionally, germs, mites, and other debris may be left behind by a simple vacuuming. One way to ensure it is properly cleaned, is to use a professional service.


Upholstery really takes a beating during winter weather months since more people spend time indoors lounging. From guests and children, to pets and food, your upholstery may be harboring odors and/or stains that a vacuum cannot remove. If you attempt to refresh your upholstery but are not satisfied with the results, a call to a professional may be the best option.

Spring cleaning can be a refreshing way to welcome the new season, but sometimes a little help can go a long way. From upholstery and carpets to air ducts and vents, My Pro Dry is ready to assist you with all of your spring cleaning needs. Contact us today to find out more.