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Tile Cleaning In Monterey And Carmel, CA

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Make Your Tile Sparkle

Get your bathroom or kitchen cleaned with the best, by the best. Our experts use a green seal certified solution to make sure we don’t harm the environment while giving you the fresh living space you deserve.

Sealing Tile & Grout

Nothing is worse than a stain that is instantly noticeable and hard to remove. If you have stains like this thanks to pets, parties, food, or more, contact us to get your household back to a clean condition.

After My Pro Dry professional cleans your tile, we recommend you add a finish coat or clear coat. This creates a protective seal on tile and grout against future stains & spills.

Sealing grout is necessary to protect it from stains and spills. Discoloration can easily occur. That is why it is very important to have a trained professional clean and seal your tile and grout.

Remember: Using the wrong chemicals in a bathroom or kitchen can result in permanent damage to the tile and grout.

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We use no running vehicles in order to minimize air pollution. This is quite different from methods using running vehicles that release carbon dioxide and other emissions.

The Bonnet Method is also generally used in conjunction with a soap-free solution that leaves behind no residue that could quickly attract more dirt.

Maintain The Shine

Are the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen getting a dingy layer that you need to remove? Let us come in and get your rooms back to the way you envisioned.

Grout that’s stained may go by unnoticed to some, but the difference is clear when you get us to clean it for you. Our Pro Dry formula is just what you need for your rooms to look pristine.

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Linoleum Cleaning

We professionally remove dirt and wax build up leaving your floors looking like new.

Clean Your Most Important Rooms

The two rooms that add the most value to your home are the bathroom and kitchen. Keep the tile and grout clean in these rooms (and others) with our assistance. Smooth tile and white grout go a long way to maintaining your comfort.

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