Tile, Grout & Linoleum Cleaning

Day by day, slowly but surely, the tile and grout in your kitchen and bathrooms get dirtier with the buildup of dirt, grease and wax.  The change happens so gradually that you don’t realize it’s happening until one day you notice your grout lines are filthy are your tile looks dingy.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two areas of the home that make the biggest visual statement in the home, so a professional cleaning of the tile and linoleum in these areas will have a dramatic impact in the look and feel of your home. Cleaning the grout will not only make your kitchen and bathrooms look great, but it will make them more sanitary as well by eliminating the mold and bacteria that gets trapped in the tile and grout.

My Pro Dry can get your tile and grout sparkling again.  Our company will clean your tile to perfection using our eco-friendly methods. Unlike other tile and grout cleaning companies, My Pro Dry does not use running vehicles while cleaning to protect the environment from harmful emissions. We also use cleaning products that are Green Seal certified.

In addition to removing dirt, grease and wax buildup, we also are experts at removing stains on your hard surfaces.Although your tile and grout may appear to be indestructible, pets and certain foods and liquids can stain them.  Additionally, they can be permanently damaged if you try to clean them using the wrong cleaning products.  If you let My Pro Dry take care of the job, you save time and your peace of mind.  Once we have cleaned your hard surfaces and removed all stains, My Pro Dry can add a protective seal on them to protect them from further stains and discoloration. 

If you would like your tile and linoleum to sparkle again, contact us today.  Also be sure to check our website for special coupons you can use to save you money when booking our services.