If you’re interested in keeping the carpets clean in your home in an environmentally-friendly way, then you should consider the Bonnet Method. It’s a low-moisture, healthy and fast drying method. It deep cleans your carpet in an eco-friendly manner without having to soak the fabric or deepen existing stains. Here are some of the reasons why the Bonnet Method is the right choice for you.

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

You may be wondering what makes a carpet-cleaning method better for the environment.

  • First, the Bonnet Method uses much less water than other methods of deep cleaning and drying your carpet.
  • Rather than soaking the fabric and using high amounts of water, the Bonnet Method uses a machine with a carpet bonnet over your flooring.
  • In fact, it uses about 90-95% less water than the traditional steam and truck-mounted methods, which is a lot of water saved.
  • This makes the Bonnet Method environmentally-friendly and not a source of unnecessary waste.

2. It’s a Healthier Method

In addition to using less water and being an environmentally-friendly method, the Bonnet Method is healthy.

  • When you use large amounts of water to clean your carpet, you’re allowing the carpet to become soaked.
  • This soaked carpet can cause a variety of hazards that you would rather not have to deal with.
  • These hazards include mold, an unpleasant smell and the potential to even deepen existing stains, which is exactly what you don’t want.
  • In addition, the Bonnet Method doesn’t create allergens and contaminants, keeping the air quality clean and healthy for your family.
  • Rather than using extreme amounts of water, the Bonnet Method brightens and cleans your carpet in a healthy and more pleasant way.

3. It’s Fast and Less Expensive

The Bonnet Method is also faster than traditional carpet cleaning methods.

  • The machine is easy to move and maneuver across your flooring.
  • It is also less expensive than other machines that give your carpet a deep clean.
  • So, not only will your carpet be clean without as much waste or unpleasant smells and the potential for mold, it will also be cleaner even sooner, which will be a relief for you.

Interested in seeing the environmentally-friendly, healthier and faster results of the Bonnet Method? Contact us at My Pro Dry for a professional cleaning. We have multiple services that are eco-friendly, including carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, dryer and vent cleaning, and air duct cleaning.