Covid-19 protocols dictated that we stay indoors more than we stay out. This means that we spend most of our time indoors, surrounded by heaters and dirt collecting carpets. If it’s not the dust hoarding upholstery making our eyes itch, it’s the mold that managed to get stuck in the air ducts.

Indoor cleanliness has now become a permanent fixture at the forefront of our minds. And with spring just around the corner, having every nook and cranny cleaned is important. This is especially true if you have family members that suffer from allergies.

Deep spring-cleaning has never been at the top of any individual’s list. It’s physically draining, and the dust unsettled in the process can have anyone running for the hills. But we must do it. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Improve Air Quality

During the winter seasons, the air is always stagnant in enclosed spaces. This encourages dust and dirt to settle, compromising the air quality terribly. Dirt and dust get trapped in thick carpets, upholstery, and the ducts found in heating and cooling systems.

Combine that with a season that’s rife with allergens in the air, and anyone’s respiratory health will take a beating. Spring-cleaning will help improve the air quality and protect your family from allergies and respiratory issues.

Keep Illness at Bay

We tend to touch a lot of things in the house. This means that spreading germs and bacteria from one person to another is very high. By cleaning surfaces, kitchen items, and even towels, we can help slow the spread of colds and other illnesses.

Ease the Stress

Have you been finding it hard to concentrate? Perhaps even a little stressed or claustrophobic? If so, it’s time to declutter. Studies have shown that clutter tends to impact one’s mental and emotional health. Get rid of the things you don’t need and clean the ones that have been
collecting dust over time.

Perhaps you already have a brush in one hand and a detergent spray in the other. But you can’t seem to get rid of all the grime and dirt stuck between those air vents. Even the carpet still smells a little funny.

Calling professional cleaners can help slow the spread of any virus, illness, or disease. My Pro Dry, a business that provides high-quality cleaning services, can help keep your home spotless. If you’re interested, contact us today and say goodbye to allergens and unnecessary dirt.